Situated between Shivalik and Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas, the Kangra town is situated at the foothills of the famous shrine of Godess Brajeshwari. Historically it is known as Nagarkot. The bustling town of Kangra at the confluence of Baners and Manjhi streams is famous for its temples. GAV Public School is situated in the centre of the town of Kangra. It is a sister institution of GAV Sr Secondary School Kangra which was established in 1905 by Mahatma Hansraj in the sacred memory of immortal soul and a great scholar of his times Pt. Gurudutt Vidayarthi. Since its inception in 1987, the GAV Public School has been contributing remarkably in providing quality education to its students and the pace with which it is advancing, the day is not far that it will acquire a prominent place in the educational landscape of the country. It is a co-educational Senior Secondary institution affiliated to CBSE on provisional basis. It is being managed by an organising committee under the chairmanship of Dr (Mrs) Neena Pahwa , the Manager Dr BK Pahwa and 10 other members who are actively associated  with the performance and growth of the institution.

The GAV Public School is a huge building divided into three sections namely, ‘Nanha Manch’, Gurudutt Block and Dayanand Block. The architecture design of the building is of the Victorian style, is a courtesy of Sh. Vijay Uppal. It comprises forty five class rooms all are quite spacious and ventilated. It has well equipped Laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer lab. Maths lab and well stocked library, containing   around 10000 books. The school has a stadium of its own, comprising a basket ball court, badminton court and volleyball court and a few facilities for tiny tots like slides and swings.

Our efforts are on chalk out more imaginative pedagogic means to make education an inclusive and quality–centric epistemic process. The performance of school in CB Board examination has been excellent and identifiable on records. The school has an independent NCC wing and its contingent have been participating at district level RD parades. In addition to it the school conduct dance classes, music, band.

As one of the best schools in Kangra, GAVPS has created a unique educational environment. There is a constant pursuit of personal and professional growth and development. We have an everyday expectation of collaboration and learning from colleagues. We partner with higher education institutions to provide online and face to face courses. These include certificate programmes and workshops.

We have worked with CRAWSHAW ACADEMY `, ROBIN LANE, PUDSEY, LEEDS UK, under the Global School partnership and Connecting Classroom programme, sponsored by the British council. It started in the year 2007 and continued till 2015. In the above partnership programes, 13 teachers and 04 students of the partner schools visited and attended the ten days exchange programme. The school has also been awarded by the British Council for the best use of technology for sustaining and developing the partnership. Keeping the theme of partnership (i.e. Global citizenship and bringing the people together) in progress, the Global focus group has come into existence in the school and is working on motivating and awaring   the students on different global issues.

In consonance with its scholarly pursuits, the school has always emphasised upon all round development of personality of each student, building sound character, fostering team spirit and dedication to purpose through public school education, imparted by qualified and dedicated staff to realize its motto, Aspire and Achieve. Till date over 600 of its alumni have shown their competence and adequacy in various walks of life.